/ Who we are

A diverse group of people, personalities and skill sets

The Concept

Soho15 is a group of curious leaders, originally from the creative sector and now from across a diverse range of industries.

Built on peer group support and learning

At the heart of Soho15 is the principle that peer group feedback is a fundamental support and learning tool.

Soho15 is a completely confidential, high quality learning environment. It is designed to allow members to collaboratively explore their business challenges and opportunities with other successful business leaders.

Soho15 acts as a support mechanism for members, encouraging them to try out new ideas, discover different ways of thinking, and to experiment with creative and original ways of doing business.

It’s the board you can’t afford

Soho15 Member

/ What we offer

A framework to seek advice, receive feedback and develop leadership skills

The group is a mixture of leaders from a range of industry sectors, from large multi-nationals to founder-led start-ups. Early focus was on the creative and technology industries and this has extended more widely over time.

Much is often asked of leaders without necessarily giving them the appropriate support. Soho15 provides members with the framework to seek advice, receive feedback, develop leadership skills and discuss business challenges with a non-competing group of successful leaders who have faced similar challenges.

Soho15 has a maximum of 15 members and one group leader. It is crucial that the group has the right mix of people, personalities and skill sets. Diversity brings strength. We also ensure there are no directly competing businesses within the group. This means there is an element of selection – with the current members being involved in selecting new peers.

/ How does Soho15 work?

Group meetings, Speaker sessions, Individual coaching

Group meetings run once a month from 13:00 to 18:00. The afternoon is a round table discussion in which members will present challenges for group consideration and report back to the group on actions from the previous meeting. Members collaboratively debate problems brought to the forum, helping to develop a possible solution, support each other and hold each individual to account. Goal setting and monitoring is a key element of the member’s progress.

Some group meetings will take the form of a speaker session, which includes a presentation from a guest speaker. The presentations typically focus on the speakers experiences of leadership, business or new technologies. The afternoon group discussion usually focuses on a particular challenge raised by the speaker, which is then discussed along with group updates.

Each member of Soho15 benefits from monthly, individual coaching sessions from the group leader, Jane Smart.

These coaching sessions cover both personal and professional issues; what is going well, areas for improvement, support and development needs.

Each year, the members and the group leader will set objectives for the coming year. These will be regularly appraised, discussed and, if appropriate, shared with the group.

Soho15 members benefit from monthly group meetings, monthly individual coaching sessions, guest speaker events and an annual two day off-site workshop.

Group meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month.

/ Membership

Resources, coaching, discovery and peer group support

Resource & Tools

All resources for group sessions including models, matrixes and practical tools.

One to One Coaching

One-to-one coaching sessions with the group leader.

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery Personality Profile.

Peer Group Support

Critical friend peer group support.

About the group leader, Jane Smart

The leader of Soho15 is responsible for chairing the monthly meetings, delivering individual coaching to each member on a monthly basis and selecting guest speakers.

Jane, as the leader, is responsible for selecting new members and ensuring an effective group dynamic, with the help of SI Partners and current Soho15 members.

Jane Smart
Jane Smart

Jane has over 25 years cross-industry experience from banking, technology and the not-for-profit sector, both in the UK and internationally.

She has worked with all sizes of businesses and her areas of expertise include business transformation, operations excellence and performance improvement.

In addition to her leading Soho15 and being an active member of the Footdown Bath15, Jane is a Director of GOWI Limited. At GOWI, Jane advises companies on defining and achieving their targets through various change and growth implementation strategies. She also delivers leadership development training and coaches and mentors a range of clients.

/ Speakers

Diverse guest speakers sharing a wealth of experiences

Kriss AkabusiKris Akabusi

Olympic medalist, television personality, businessman and motivational speaker.


Margaret HeffernanMargaret Heffernan

Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, author, TED speaker and mentor.


Dave KeelingDave Keeling

Actor, author and the country’s leading stand up educationalist.

Nigel RisnerNigel Risner

International business coach, motivational and inspirational speaker, author and chief zookeeper.


Justin Featherstone MCJustin Featherstone

Leadership and expedition consultant and lecturer, former British Army officer.

Dr Dana ArdiDana Ardi

Entrepreneur, human capitalist and author.

Roger Martin FaggRoger Martin Fagg

Independent behavioural economist.

Leigh McKayLeigh McKay

Promotes productivity through Wellbeing. Founder of Work Wise Wellness.



A short interview with Kriss Akabusi, talking about the benefits that being a member of a Footdown ‘Fifteen’ can bring.


Leader of the Footdown London & Soho Fifteens, and a member of the Bath Fifteen, Jane Smart discusses the benefits that membership can bring.

Soho15 has been the mentor, the board of directors, and the friends all bundled into one.

Soho15 member

After joining in 2018 my business and my confidence in my own abilities as a business owner has grown from strength to strength.

Soho15 member

The team has challenged and encouraged me to ‘think bigger and think better’. I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of such an exciting and inspiring group of people.

Soho15 member

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